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Meet Bailey Smith

Our Student Spotlight is on Bailey Ann Smith. Bailey is an 11 year old 2nd Degree Black Belt Level 2. She attends Matilija Middle School (formerly Matilija Junior High) and is a member of the first 6th grade to be included in with the 7th and 8th graders this year. 

Bailey discovered TaeKwonDo when she was looking for a summer activity and saw a notice for camp at the Ojai TaeKwondo Academy. She attended and, after her first testing, she was “hooked.”

Bailey has two pets, a very small dog named Thumbelina, and a cat that lives with her Grandma named Samantha, or Sammy for short. Bailey is allergic to cats so she is careful to wash her hands after she pets Sammy.

After 11 years of being an only child, Bailey is thrilled to have a little brother now, named Colson. She says that she wanted a sibling so bad, she put it on her Christmas list.

If Bailey could be any animal in the jungle, she would like to be a wolf because they are both good hunters and good parents.