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Meet JC Saget

Our Student Spotlight is on Julio Cesar, better known as JC, Saget. JC is a 13 year old 2nd Degree Level 2 Black Belt, who attends Matilija Middle School in the 8th grade. JC enjoys PE in school, where he plays soccer and wrestles under the guidance of his PE teachers, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Muth. JC enjoys sports and wishes there were more opportunity to be physically active at his school.

JC started taking TaeKwonDo when he was 4 years old. He reports that he saw a sign with a guy kicking and told his parents he wanted to try it. JC credits his mom and dad with being supportive, and they signed him up. JC says his mom and dad are his roll models, and that they spend lots of time with him and are easy to talk to.

JC has one pet at home, a Rottweiler named Hercules that he got as a tiny puppy, and now is a huge dog, fitting his name. JC would like to design a big house for his large family to live, with plenty of room for little JJ to run around…and for Hercules.

JC has two brothers, Christian and JJ (Joshua James age 3) and a sister named Destiny (age 6). When asked where he would like to go for a vacation and with who, he chooses Florida with his friend Sef who he has known his entire life.