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Meet Jeremy Gutierrez

Our Student Spotlight is on Jeremy Gutierrez, an 11 year old 2nd Degree Level 4 Black Belt, who attends De Anza Academy of Technology and the Arts in Ventura. DATA is a high achieving and innovative magnet school where student, community, and staff collaborate in authentic learning experiences. Together, they support an inclusive environment focused on relationships in order to develop skills for a global society. Although Jeremy liked his old school, he reports that at DATA he gets to use lasers and study Hydroponics, and that is a perfect fit for Jeremy's love of science and math, and his interest in becoming a marine biologist in the future.

Jeremy began taking TaeKwonDo when he was 4 years old. Both his mom and stepdad are TaeKwonDo Instructors. Ms. Brianna Keyes, who teaches at our Ojai Academy, and Mr. Brandon Keyes, who teaches at TaeKwonDo Plus in Camarillo. Jeremy's father is Melchor Gutierrez, and Jeremy also has a grandma who lives in Ojai and Grandparents who live in Ventura. You can tell how important family is to Jeremy when he answers the question about where he would pick to go on vacation if he could choose anywhere in the world. His answer is Virginia, Montana, and New York...because that's where his aunts, uncles and cousins live.

Jeremy also has two sisters, Amelia, who is also a TaeKwonDo student, and baby Cali.



Jeremy has one pet cat at home named Sirius Black, who is a smoked tabby, meaning his fur is black on top and grey under. He is also named after the Harry Potter character.