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Meet Mady Fitch

Our Student Spotlight is on Madeline Grace Fitch. Mady is a 10 year old, 2nd Degree Level 3 Black Belt and 5th grader at Topa Topa Elementary School. She is pictured above with Mr. Cerminaro when she was a beginning student in the Cubs Class.

Mady started TaeKwonDo at the age of 4 in the Cub Class. Her sister, Sophia, was already a student at the Academy and Mady looked up to her and was impressed with the sparring and energy she saw in her older sister's class.

Mady has four pets at home, two cats named Bella and Benny, and two dumbo rats named Millie and Star. She likes to listen to pop music and sing along (when no one is listening). Her favorite band is Imagine Dragons, though she remembers her first favorite song was Paparazzi by Lady Ga Ga.

Mady's favorite part of TaeKwonDo: working on forms. She really enjoys putting the moves together. Besides TaekwonDo, Mady enjoys playing soccer and volleyball (and singing when it's not in front of people!)