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Meet Peter Hayden

Our student spotlight is on 12 year old Peter Hayden, a 1st Degree L1 Black Belt at the Ojai TaeKwonDo Academy.

Peter started TaeKwonDo after his uncle got him interested in Martial Arts.

Peter’s grandfather was a founder of Thomas of Aquinas College, his father is a business manager, and his mother is a teacher and curriculum developer. His grandmother developed a worldwide online distance learning program Mother of Divine Grace School. Peter has two sisters and two younger brothers.


Peter has two cats named Bucky and Azri, four parakeets named Sally, Ricky, Jewel and Screecher (because he screeches constantly), and a tortoise named Abraham.

If Peter could give a gift to his mom and dad, and money was not an issue, he says he would get them plants and tools to create a beautiful garden for them at home.