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Meet Reid Wadsworth

Our Student Spotlight is on Reid Wadsworth, a 2nd degree Black Belt level 4 member of the Junior Instructor Team. Reid is 10 years old and a 4th grader at Mira Monte Elementary School, where his favorite subject is math. Reid saw a poster for TKD when he was 5 years old. On it was Mr. Conan Nelson doing a high kick and Reid really wanted to be able to do that too and earn his own Black  Belt, so he started training in the cub class.

Reid is 19 months older than his sister Remi, who is following in his Taekwondo footsteps.

They have two cats (sisters) and two dogs...a jack russell/corgi mix named Bailey, and a jack russell/beagle mix named Nova. Reid says he likes them all equally.

What are some of his favorite things?

  • Food - pizza
  • Dessert - chocolate chip ice cream
  • TV show - Bunked on the Disney channel
  • Movie - The Hobbit
  • TKD activity - doing forms because they help you learn new moves
  • Music - Cake by the Ocean by DNCE
  • Books - Reid enjoys reading and just finished Goosebumps' Welcome to Horrorland.


Photo courtesy Angel McNall

If Reid could go anywhere in the world, he would like to visit Australia and see the kangaroos that can hop high and move like martial artists. He says he is a curious person and is interested in his dad's car...knowing how cars work, so he is considering a career in mechanical engineering.