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Meet Sam Daley

Our Student Spotlight is on Sam Daley. Sam is an 11 year old, 2nd Degree Level 4 Black Belt with our Academy. He is pictured above with Mr.Cerminaro when he was a white belt in the Tiger Cub Class.

Sam started TaeKwonDo at the age of 5 after trying out a different Martial Arts in Ojai. Lucky for us, his search brought him to our Academy where he has been an active student ever since. 

Sam is home schooled and is working on 8th grade level curriculum. He explains that the schools he previously attended were not challenging him and he prefers working at his own pace. He attends a home school group taught by Zitta Stubstad.

Sam has a black cat named Sassy at home that was adopted out of a shelter when she was just  small kitten. 

Sam’s favorite part of Taekwondo class is practicing the ACT techniques which are moves designed to defend, escape, and counter aggressive moves.

Besides TaeKwonDo, Sam’s passion is playing the piano and he is currently taking lessons to improve his musical skills.