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Meet Wesley Hopkins

Our student spotlight is on 10 year old Wesley Hopkins, pictured above with Instructors Ms. Keyes and Mr. Nelson. Wesley is a 2nd Degree L3 Black Belt at the Ojai TaeKwonDo Academy and 5th grader at Mira Monte Elementary School.

Wesley started TaeKwonDo when he was 6 years old after hearing about the Academy from his schoolmate, Reid Wadsworth. After attending class, he was hooked on martial arts with its kicks and punches and began his training with a black belt in his sights.

Wesley has three pets at home, two cats named Muffin and Pumpkin, and a black lab mix named Blackie who loves to play tug-o-war and fetch. Wesley says she is fun to play with and that he has awarded her an invisible black belt that she wears proudly.

If Wesley could have lunch with anyone from history, he would pick George Washington. He read an interesting book about him and would like to ask him what it was like in the war and how was it to live in the White House back then.