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Meet Eileen Paek

Our Student Spotlight is on Eileen Paek, a 1st Degree, Level 3 Black Belt at the Ojai TaeKwonDo Academy. Eileen is 12 years old and attends Matilija Junior High School, where she excels in math and credits her teacher, Ms. Perkins, for inspiring her to work hard and take math seriously.

In the local Math Superbowl Championships, Eileen received awards when she was in 4th, 5th and 6th grades. She has also won competitions like the Healthy Kids Contest at YouthFest.

Eileen started TaeKwonDo as a 5th grader after seeing an ad for the Academy in the Ojai Recreation Department's brochure. She had previously attended another martial arts school when she lived in Ventura, but found a home at the Academy, much to our delight.

Eileen has one pet, a little dog named Choco who is part yorkie and part maltese, and has the cutest face. She enjoys listening to Korean music, especially the singer, Psy.

Some of Eileen's passions are playing the cello, where she is first chair in her school's orchestra. She also plays the piano and loves works by Bach, especially his Prelude #2. Eileen is an accomplished snow boarder, swimmer, horseback rider and gymnast, in addition to her exceptional skills in TaeKwonDo.