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Meet Roberto Miranda Jr

Our Student Spotlight is on Roberto Miranda Jr. Junior is a 10-year-old, 2nd Degree Level 4 Black Belt with our Academy. He started TaeKwonDo at the age of 6 after learning about the program from his father’s partner whose son was already a student at the Academy.

Junior is currently super excited to be working toward his upcoming promotional testing for 3rd Degree Black Belt, and he will be entering 5th grade at Topa Topa Elementary School this fall.

Junior’s favorite part of TKD is learning new things and helping other kids who are colored belts and have not attained their Black Belt yet. Besides TaeKwonDo, Junior’s passion is soccer where he enjoys playing the position of striker, goalie and defender.

If Junior could spend the afternoon with anyone from the past, he would pick Bruce Lee so he could see his martial arts moves in person.