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Meet Elijah Smith

Our Student Spotlight is on Elijah Kai Smith. Elijah is an 11 year old, 3nd Degree Level 1 Black Belt with our Academy.  He attends Mira Monte Elementary School and will be starting 6th grade in the fall, where he will now be responsible for completing homework as well as running a mile once a week.

Elijah started TaeKwonDo in the cub class after watching his older brother, Esai, and hearing about his Father’s positive experience in Martial Arts…both had attained the rank of Black Belt.

Elijah wanted to follow in their footsteps. Esai is now a 3rd degree Level 3 Black Belt, while Father, Rick, attained the rank of 3rd degree Level 1 Black Belt. Elijah will be testing for his Level 2 Black Belt next, and notes, with a smile, that he will soon outrank his Father.

Elijah has two pet dachshunds named Ellie and Margarette, and two cats named Oreo and Cookies. Elijah reports that Cookies is very shy, while Oreo is playful, both have recently taken over his bunk bed.

Elijah likes to swim in his pool and tells how his Dad made a solar heater to warm it. He is also taking voice lessons and learning how to play guitar and saxophone.